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David Nye writes in Technology Matters: Questions to live with, that technology is certainly not a new concept as many of us consider it -as digital technology – and that for centuries we have been coming up with answers to questions we have yet to even ask. At first I found that a little hard to wrap my head around, I wondered why anyone would invent something without a definite need for it’s supposed purpose – but, then I remembered that logic is a foreign concept to most people in our society.

Are we headed toward a technological utopia? Does technology automatically equal progress? I can’t even imagine how people can look at technology and be blind to the effects it has had on our social skills, our relationships, our jobs, our education – our entire lives are dependent on it. While I can see there are two sides to this coin, and that technology has certainly helped us in a lot of ways, at this moment I can only think of the harm it causes by turning us into virtual machines expected to be “on” and accessible 24/7.  If you ask me, we’re heading toward a technological dystopia.

(Untitled Image of Dystopia, n.d.)

How do you feel about being expected to answer your phone, text messages, e-mails, and voice mails immediately after you receive them? This form of communication is by nature asynchronous, however, we treat it as if it can be synchronous – and I don’t know about you, but I definitely do feel the pressure to be accessible all the time.


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