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Posted: February 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

A great blog post about digital literacy and how teachers are changing their approach in order to facilitate knowledge with the use of technology. With every invention comes a price to pay. In this case digital technology might increase teaching efficacy, but is it at the cost of overburdening our already overworked and underpaid teachers? As of March 6, 2012 they are struggling to even maintain their collective bargaining rights. Something my own union [Hospital Employee’s Union] actively supports protesting against. How many services can we cut before we see what harm we are doing to our society by trying to save money in the short-term? Does the pressure to maintain digital literacy contribute to this problem?

Reflections from Room 22

Last semester in EDUC 404 – Literacy, Language and Culture I was involved in an inquiry project on digital literacy where we discussed how technology is changing the context of literacy learning inside and outside the classroom.   Our group was interested in examining how schools were addressing this shift in literacy learning by looking at the diverse ways teachers were incorporating digital literacy into their classroom practice and using it to personalize instruction for their students.    In classrooms where the teacher was comfortable using technology,  students were involved in a variety of different ways of expressing their learning through Smartboard activities, blogging, podcasting, video production,  and digital story booking.  Not all teachers were jumping on the technology bandwagon though and this is unfortunate, because students need many opportunities to develop these tech skills.  Some of those reluctant teachers expressed a concern that the learning curve was too steep and…

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