Critique of David Nye’s “Technology Matters”

Posted: February 25, 2012 in Communications and Technology

Our reading for week one in our Communications and Technology course was chapter one of “Technology Matters: Questions to live with” by David Nye. I admit that it was a comprehensive and interesting introduction into the concept of what, exactly, technology is (in essence, any tool we can use – and are we shaped by these tools or vise versa?). It was a bit on the dry side and I found myself a bit disappointed that my technology course was literally starting out in the stone age! This concept of technology as tools, and whether we shape them, or they shape us, was by far the most interesting part of the chapter and it definitely made me think – which I assume is the purpose! All in all, fairly mundane with a little bit of awesome sprinkled on top! Kind of like a boring doughnut….

Some very not boring doughnuts! Courtesy of


Nye, D.E. (2006). Technology Matters: Questions to Live With. Available from

  1. Lois Fernyhough says:

    I do like the donut analogy!

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